Nature (Other)

Berry Berry

Very Berry



Soft Buds (each bud is only 1/4" long)



Tree Swipe

"Vertical Swipe" of trees - Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pa


Harvest Moon Rising, Lake Jean, Pa.




Harvest Moon Rising, Lake Jean, Pa.



Flowers (Grunge)

Grunge Garden (HDR and bi-color post-processing)



HDR Flower

HDR Lily



Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise - In Tears


Up Close And Personal

Up Close and Personal






Through an Ant's Eyes

Through an Ant's Eyes











Lovely in Lavender

Lovely in Lavender












Garden Beauties




4 Responses to “Nature (Other)”

  1. I love the flowers but how did you get that moon? I never saw anything like it! A harvest moon? You’re so good!

  2. That moon….

  3. The most gorgeious flowers! I don’t know what a Swipe is but yours is so pretty. And the moon – omg, the moon! I live in Ohio but if I lived closer I’d for sure consider taking lessons from you. I got my first Rebel for Christmas last year and I’m trying to take better pictures but I sure could use someone to take me out shooting and give me lessons. My boyfriend too. Your really good!

  4. You guys are great! I’m sorry for the long delay in replying.

    @Tanya, see my answer to your question about “swipe” on one of your other comments.

    @ Deb: The moon was rising on the other side of a lake. It was Fall in the mountains, and it was a harvest moon (hence the gorgeous color). Since the moon and earth both move, the camera’s shutter speed had to be set so as not to blur the moon from the motion too much, but not too fast, to avoid underexposure. The first moon picture (lower in the horizon with the trees still covering most of it) was shot at 1/30 of a second, at f/8, ISO 200. The second moon was 1/10″, f/5.6, ISO 200. Both were 340mm (510mm equivalent; I used my Nikon D300, not my full-frame D3s for these shots). (If you know dSLR photography, you’ll know what all this means. If you don’t, I apologize. 🙂

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