Black & White / Toned

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flower Basket

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Black Lily

Black Beauty

Washington's Crossing

Part of the annual reenactment of Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River.

Snow Geese

3... 2... 1... Land!

Sedona, Arizona

Red Rock Park, Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Red Rock Park, Sedona, Arizona

Train Station, New Hope, Pa.

Pocono Mountains, Pa.

My Life As A Boat

Queen Orchid

Grand Canyon



6 Responses to “Black & White / Toned”

  1. Brilliant photographs, Karen. Very Ansel Adams-like, many of them. Cheers from across the pond.

  2. If Ansel were alive today he’d be proud of you!

  3. Anyone ever call you Ansella Adams? ūüėČ Especially that Grand Canyon scape.

  4. Wow, that cala lily and the landscapes are fantastic! And the orchid, and, well all of them! I never realized black and white pictures could look so good. Well, I did, but yours look really great! I hope you post more soon. I enjoy your work.

  5. I never really liked black and white pictures that much but you changed my mind. That cala lily is mind-blowing. And I love all the others too. My sister raises orchids so I know that one is the center of one, but how you did it I can’t imagine! And the hanging basket looks like a painting that should be in a gallery or something. Your photos are outstanding!

  6. Thanks for all your super-kind comments everyone!!!!!!!

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